I Am Overweight: Can Pilates Help?

Effective weight loss, and moreover, keeping the weight off, is a struggle for so many people. Just take a look at the magazines displayed at the checkout; nearly every one promotes the latest diet, miracle supplement, or exercise trend, and promises unrealistic results, in many cases.

These miraculous results would be great if they were true and long-lasting. Alas! Over and over again experts advise a healthy diet, low in fat, carbohydrates, and processed foods, accompanied by a regular exercise program as the only sure way to lose the weight and keep it off.

Effective Weight Loss Workouts

There’s no shortage of effective exercise for weight loss, but most agree the fitness routine that shows some of the greatest results for sculpting and promoting lean muscle mass is hands-down Pilates.

When done correctly Pilates can increase muscle tone and promote functionality. Improved muscle tone burns more calories, more effectively. That means a huge impact on weight loss.

Pilates is a physical fitness practice involving low impact exercise and stretching to strengthen muscles and improve flexibility. Pilates exercises also incorporate the use of some equipment to promote results.

The use of Pilates to aid in weight loss is extremely effective, and the results are evident pretty quickly when a disciplined practice is followed.

How Pilates Helps With Weight Loss

The secret to losing weight is there’s no secret! Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key. Pilates offers so many healthy advantages including better sleep, less stress, and overall respect for all the amazing things your body can do. Here are a few of the reasons Pilates helps promote weight loss:

But Pilates feels good. Your Pilates workout isn’t painful. It’s relaxing. And when a workout is fun, you’re more likely to stick with it, and that promotes weight loss the fun way.

In addition to causing you to eat with abandon, stress promotes an elevation in your cortisol levels. Cortisol is directly related to weight gain and additionally inhibits weight loss.

Practicing this wonderful form of exercise a few times per week reduces your stress considerably, along with the levels of cortisol. Your blood sugar becomes more balanced. And you lose weight.

Pilates Beyond Weight Loss

Losing weight may be your primary goal right now, but Pilates’ benefits go far beyond weight loss. For one thing, Pilates helps build core strength, which in turn improves your control of movement. This translates into fewer injuries. For those older individuals who practice Pilates, better control and body awareness is essential to healthy aging.

The flexibility, strength, and control gained through the regular practice of Pilates gives athletes an edge and complements other types of fitness regimens. These advantages also work to prevent injury. All in all, the practice of Pilates provides a whole slew of benefits including weight loss.

Remember that any fitness routine for weight loss should be combined with a healthy lifestyle, including diet. To get the best results, speak to a Pilates trained Physical Therapist. For more on how Pilates can help you shed those extra pounds, contact In Touch NYC Physical Therapy.

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