Why Pilates is A Great Option for Individuals New to Exercising

We all know we need to exercise regularly in order to look and feel our best. Regular exercise can improve flexibility, stabilize your core, help maintain balance, strengthen muscles, alleviate stress, and provide a whole slew of additional health benefits. And that rush of mood-boosting endorphins is amazing!

There are as many ways to exercise as there are reasons to exercise. Training for a 5K, weight-training, and circuit training to name a few. For those who enjoy the mind-body connection of yoga, there are several variations to choose from. But by far, the best option to incorporate mind, body, toning, and flexing is Pilates.

Great option for newbies

For the beginner, Pilates offers a way to ease into a phenomenal workout that’s low impact, joint friendly, and offers proven results. As you progress, Pilates exercises can be adapted to increase the exertion and challenge your skill level, all the while posing a joint-friendly workout that even those who’ve never exercised can perform.

Here are 10 proven benefits of Pilates even for those just beginning their regular exercise routines.

1. Whole body fitness

With Pilates you never need to worry about over developing certain areas and neglecting others. The muscle development, strength, and increased range of motion you get from Pilates results from training the body as an integrated whole.

With a focus on full body fitness, Pilates also incorporates breathing and mindfulness into your workout. This healthy approach to fitness is popular with trained athletes who want to build a dynamic physical foundation, and physical therapists as a cornerstone of rehab.

2. Pilates adapts to your level  

A Pilates workout can be modified to suit anyone from seniors to professional athletes. Strengthening the core, promoting proper alignment, and fostering a mind-body connection benefit all fitness levels. As you become more proficient, you can challenge yourself by making modifications to increase exertion.

3. Strength without bulk  

Toning and creating long, lean muscles without building bulk is the result of the whole body integrated fitness found in Pilates. Through isolated contractions of certain muscle groups, strengthening and flexibility is achieved without increased mass.

4. Increased flexibility  

As you age your body becomes more rigid, which can lead to injury. By gently lengthening and strengthening your muscles you increase your flexibility and range of motion.

Better range of motion and flexibility go a long way in preventing the injuries most commonly associated with aging. It’s never too soon to promote healthy aging.

5. Stronger core  

Your core muscles—the back, abdomen, and pelvic floor—are the muscles we rely on the most. A strong core provides support for neck, shoulders, and other muscles, relieving the tension that causes neck, shoulder, and back pain. And your abs will look great, too!

6. Healthy posture  

A strong core provides proper alignment of your spine. Pilates results in that long, lean posture that looks so lovely. Excellent posture is also instrumental in preventing back pain.

7. Energy boost  

By regulating your breathing through Pilates exercises you’re improving blood flow. The workout you provide your muscles results in all those feel good endorphins, and the mind-body connection gives you a harmonious feeling. These are all good things to make you feel energetic and alive.

8. Promotes a healthy BMI  

It is a physiological fact that muscle burns calories, which can result in weight loss. A healthy BMI is something for which we should all strive. Healthy weight goes a long way in preventing many of the chronic diseases that can interfere with your quality of life.

9. Mindfulness  

When Joseph Pilates developed this method of strengthening the body, he did so with a focus on coordinating and integrating the mind, body, and spirit. Each movement requires complete involvement of the mind in the centering, concentration, control, precision, breath, and flow that make up the principles of Pilates.

10. Long, lean appearance  

No matter your fitness level, a regular practice of Pilates will result in a slimmer, sleeker body. Your muscle tone, beautiful alignment, and the way you begin to move with ease, fluidity, and grace only accentuate the physical benefits of Pilates.

Your Pilates connection

Pilates must be taught by a specially trained, certified instructor. Though not a particularly difficult workout, the principles of Pilates must be followed appropriately to achieve your fitness goals.

The trained specialists and certified instructors at In Touch NYC are happy to instruct you in Pilates. We have two locations to serve you, one on Central Park South and the other on the Upper East Side.
If you’re beginning a regular exercise regimen, Pilates delivers results. Contact In Touch NYC today and find out more about Pilates.

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