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Top 5 Ways Pilates Can Help With Upper Body Injuries

Upper body injuries can have a severe impact on your life. Even small strains can make it harder to work, play with your kids, and live your life. When you’re injured, our Physical Therapists can help get you back in shape with pilates.

Nov 14th, 2018
I Am Overweight: Can Pilates Help?

Most people understand a weight loss plan includes diet and exercise in order to be successful. Find out how Pilates can improve your weight loss efforts by building and strengthening lean muscle, boosting metabolism, and reducing stress.

Aug 22nd, 2018
How Does Pilates Help With Injuries?

Pilates is more than a trendy exercise program offered at gyms. It has very real physical therapy applications. Read on to find out how a regular Pilates program can enhance your rehabilitation from injury.

Jul 30th, 2018
How Does Pilates Differ from Other Exercise?

As a mind-body exercise with a Western twist, Pilates stands out as a unique way to build strength, function, and good health. Learn how Pilates differs from other workouts you have seen and why you should include it as a regular part of your routine.

May 18th, 2018
Dispelling Myths About Your Back

From herniated discs to strained muscles, back problems can occur from sports, recreation activities, or everyday tasks. When you have a back problem you’re looking to mend, it’s important to separate fact from fiction.

Mar 28th, 2018
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